Frequently asked questions

What is jmIrc?
jmIrc is an Internet Relay Chat client meant for use with mobile phones supporting GPRS and MIDP 1.0 compliant Java programs. GPRS is usually much cheaper than text messages so it gets often cheaper to chat via IRC if possible.

Does jmIrc work on my mobile phone?
If your phone supports Java programs then the possibilities are good. Right now it is reported to work without proxy on:

It works but you need proxy for:

Please report if it works or doesn't work on your phone so that I can add it to this list.
Another list of probably supported phones can be found from the WLIrc website.

I have problems connecting when using HTTP mode
Make sure your connection doesn't go through your service provider's wap gateway because that will likely cause problems. To use direct connection you have to set up an Internet access point name (APN) in your settings. Contact your operator for right settings or try these instructions.

I get "Global root overflow" with an older Nokia phone using the HTTP mode
This is a bug in older Nokia firmware (at least the ones from year 2002, check yours with *#0000#). Beginning from version 0.30 the proxy server has a workaround for this, so start your proxy with option '--nokia-bug' and the problem should disappear. It is still highly recommended to update your firmware at some local Nokia distributor since this is not probably the only bug and the program is also reported to work faster on newer firmware.

Socket mode works but my messages don't appear on screen until someone else says something
This may be a bug in your phone software so you can try the socket poll option in advanced options. If it still doesn't work your phone is probably Nokia 3300, 3650 or alike and the only solution so far is to join a busy enough channel in the beginning.

I get an error after updating jmIrc to a newer version
First try removing all versions of jmIrc from your phone and make a clean install with the new version. If problems continue after this please file a bug report with a description of how it is broken.

My Motorola phone gives SecurityException: Access denied after upgrade
It is reported that according to the latest developer manual from Motorola, access to the Java socket interface is allowed only for signed midlets that are signed with Motorola certificate. This means that even if you have a phone that support sockets, you can't use them until you contact Motola and ask for a permission to do that. Before this you just have to set up an HTTP proxy somewhere and use that for connecting. If anyone can confirm this information about Motorola and sockets you're welcome to contact and enlighten the situation.

Who designed this website?
This website is based on a design called 'Simplicity' available for public download from Open Source Web Design. The original author of the design is Harish Narayanan, but he doesn't have anything else to do with the program so please don't send him your complaints or praises. ;)